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Herbs have been used since our Earth’s beginning for food and medicine.
“Food is your medicine, make medicine your food”…..



Bonnie, our clinical herbalist has been taught to connect with the plants and listen to their teachings through the Art of Herbalism. The ember lies smoldering until the fire is ignited and the light shows you this whole new plant world around you. Rosemary Gladstar of East Barre, VT ignited that ember and was her initial guide into this wonderful world of plant medicine. Rosemary once said to her and again by her friend and teacher Paul Red Elk, “Its always been in you, it just needed to be rekindled.” The Art of Herbalism is an art which has been passed down through innumerable generations from the beginning of time. Our Creator instilled this medicine in the plants, he taught those how to use it and how to be of help to others. I’m honored to be a recipient of this knowledge. One of my goals and pleasures is to keep passing it along as well as helping those on their healing paths.


“Man can never excel nature in medicine manufacture, for she makes the best one.”Juliette de Bairacli Levy

Bonnie’s professional training began in the Green Mountains of Vermont with world renown Herbalist, Rosemary Gladstar, continued on with another world renown Herbalist Matthew Wood, Lakota Herbalist Paul Red Elk, Choctaw Herbalist Karyn Sanders, and Appalachian Herbalist Phyllis D Light. Many workshops and conferences around the country fullfill off hours to continue her education into this amazing art of medicine with many more herbal practitioners with outstanding practices.

Sadly, conventional science and medicine leans towards fragmenting the plants into ultimate constituents, without a sense of how they work. Plants are whole being as we are. They seek to put us back into balance through mind, body, and spirit. Or as

Karyn Sanders Grandmother says:

To be in Balance one must; Pray; Play; and Work

This is also true of the plants and how some perceive them;

“Isolating an active constituent from a plant is an affront to nature. It is like taking the intellegence and leaving the wisdom behind.’

Deepak Chopra

If you have health concerns and want to approach it with the use of plant medicine you can set up a consultation. There are so many “natural” products on the market, which can be confusing to many consumers. Working with a professional will help set your mind at ease as to where the plants come from, what is the proper herb for you to use, and mostly is it safe for your condition or any medications you may be taking. We all have different body constitutions, one herb may work for one person, but, is it the herb of choice for you?

Thank you David Winston, Cherokee Herbalist for these words of wisdom:

“Medical statistics clearly show that Americans are the most heavily medicated people in the world. In spite of this (or possibly because of this), we rank far below many other first world countries in life expectancy, cancer rates, levels of obesity, and many other chronic degenerative diseases. As our population ages many more people are realizing that in order to stay healthy into old age we need to become proactive, improving our diets and lifestyle choices, reducing stress, and becoming more knowledgeable about our health and medicine. One way we can help to prevent disease and enhance wellness is the intelligent use of herbs. Because few Americans grew up using plants as medicine, educating oneself as to their safe and rational use is essential. With so many books, web sites, and magazines publishing information on herbs and natural health, how does one discern accurate information from the fraudulent?

Well said…..Mr. Winston

Bonnie also loves to teach, she frequently is asked to speak at colleges, organizations, annual events and hosts an herbal apprenticeship program. She has a list of classes she gives at her office when not working with her apprentices.Besides working with her clients she has developed this herbal product line Simply ‘Bee’ Natural.  Bonnie is now in her eighteenth year of practice, helping and guiding clients on their healing paths. She works with infants on up to our esteemed elders. A full family practitioner.

To contact Bonnie for a consultation or speaking you can call her office at 507-474-9970 or shoot an email: herbstoya@msn.com

May the power of the plants be with you on your life’s journey.

As it is said, “Life is a Journey” take care of yours.

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