Clinical Herbalist

Herbs have been used for food and medicine since the beginning of Creation

Hippocrates once said, "Food is your medicine, make medicine your food."

Bonnie, our clinical herbalist has been taught and trained to connect with the plants and listen to their teachings through the Art of Herbalism.  The ember lies smothering until the fire is ignited and this new plant world opens up to you. 

Rosemary Gladstar of East Barre, VT ignited that ember and was Bonnie's initial guide into this wonderful world of plant medicine.  Rosemary once said to her and again by another teacher and friend Paul Red Elk,  "It's always been in you, it just needed to be rekindled."

The Art of Herbalism is an art that has been passed down through innumerable generations.  Creator instilled this medicine into the plants, being the medicine of the Earth.  The plants were taught how to be used, and the ways to help others. It has been an honor to be a recipient of this medicine and to help others on their healing path.  As is also an honor to pass this knowledge on to others to learn of the Art of Medicine. 

Our mission is to keep this medicine going. Not only the medicine, but to honor the plants, which are our Elders. To help them to flourish, helping them to grow.  Bringing back the endangered ones and education to stop over harvesting - "wildcrafting".  Education to create your own gardens and grow your own. 

Bonnie's professional training began almost 20 years ago in the Green Mountains of Vermont at Sage Mt. with renown herbalist Rosemary Gladstar. Continuing on with another world renown herbalist Matthew Wood of Minnesota. Her training still continued with meeting her next teacher Paul Red Elk a Lakota Herbalist and Choctaw Herbalist, Karyn Sanders of California and yet again another amazing teacher, Phyllis D Light, and Appalachian Herbalist of Alabama.  Many conferences and workshops took Bonnie across the country to keep learning and training and building her education into the Art of Herbalism.  Sitting with many more amazing herbal practitioners with outstanding practices. 

If you have health concerns and want to approach them in an holistic fashion using plant medicine you can set up a consultation. There are so many "natural" products flooding our markets, making it confusing to many consumers.  Working with a professional will help set your mind at ease as to which herb may be better suited for you.  Mostly, is it safe for you and any medications you may be taking.  Furthermore, we all have different body constitutions, one herb may work for one person, but, is it the herb of choice for you?

Lastly, Bonnie loves to teach, she has put together classes in her local community and beyond.  Her herbal product line, Simply 'bee' Natural, has developed over the years of her practice through working with her clients.  She considers her practice a family practice, working with infants to elders. 

You can contact Bonnie for a consultation or if you're looking for an interesting speaker with an interesting topic at 507-474-9970.  Or send over an email at

May the power of the plants be with you on your life's journey.

"Life is a Journey", take care of Yours and Bee Well.



Bonnie Kreckow, Clinical Herbalist, Herbal Educator, Product Formulator
Bonnie Kreckow, Clinical Herbalist, Herbal Educator, Product Formulator