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We take a holistic approach to addressing health concerns. We offer a variety of herbal remedies and essences that treat you, not just your condition. We believe that you are not living your best life possible, until your mind, body, and spirit are in unison with each other. Remedies are made in small quantities not rolled off of factory assembly lines.  As a result giving you optimal freshness in your product. Above all, formulations of Simply 'bee' Natural products are done right here by our clinical herbalist. Finally, we use certified organic herbs for your best health.

A harvesting adventure with Grandbabies

Clinical Herbalist

Bonnie has been gifted to have been trained by some of the best renown herbalist in our country.  This journey of herbal medicine started 20 years ago.  Along with developing the Simply 'bee' Natural product line, she also meets with clients on a daily basis, teaches in her community and very much enjoys spreading the herbal knowledge with her apprenticeship program.


Simply 'bee' Natural Remedies

Are you familiar with the difference between supplements and herbal remedies?  The energy of course!  An Herbalist creates remedies not supplements.  We are required to call them that. But to my clients and customers they are 'remedies'! 

Our Simply 'bee' Natural herbal remedies actually went through product development with our clients.  Rather than making the same remedy over and over, we decided to make a slightly larger batch. Hence, putting them on shelves in the front office and then online certainly making it easier for you to purchase them.


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