Discover the effectiveness of herbs with these remedies for the little things in life

  • Non-toxic Bug Repellent
  • Bug Bite Juice for those annoying mosquitos
  • A Magic Juice for those achy muscles, stiff necks
  • An ole classic remedy for poison ivy or poison oak
  • Plus so much more

My simplest remedy I’ve ever created, the Bug Bite Juice.  Its one of the first remedies I made and one of the most effective.  Its just grapeseed oil, mullein flowers and olive oil, but will get rid of your bug bite with ease.

These remedies are made into oils, and a Witch Hazel infusion for repelling bugs and a simple infusion to take care of your poison oak or ivy.  Plus a fabulous lip balm, which many of my customers love, just a bit of cocoa butter on the lips and just a little beeswax, a lip balm that isn’t waxy!

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