Herbal remedies for the children.  These are glycerites, make with vegetable glycerin and distilled water, making them non alcohol.

This line has developed over the years of 14 Grandchildren blessing our family.  Creating remedies when the little bottom gets sore or their belly is gassy.  And more remedies for:

  • boosting their immune system when a bug has got them
  • remedy to restore healthy ears
  • salve for sore tender bottoms
  • glycerite for runny noses
  • remedy to help relax the digestive tract
  • for gassy indigestion
  • an oil to rid the nasty mosquito bite or bee sting

If you have children or grandchildren another must to have on hand is the Herbal Ointment and the Black n Blue Salve.  For those little incidences that happen when the bike flips over or they bounce into each other on the trampoline.

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