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Herb Classes & Apprenticeship

Herb Classes & Apprenticeship

                  with Bonnie Kreckow, Clinical Herbalist


Apprenticeship I – 2018

2018 Apprenticeship I Program begins in March and continues into November.  An apprenticeship that keeps the tradition alive, this being the art of herbal medicine.  It would be my pleasure to teach and pass on to you, Traditional Herbalism.

These teaching include what the plants have taught me along with the teachings of many amazing gifted traditional teachers?  It was truly an honor and blessing to have Herbalist’s such as Rosemary Gladstar, Paul Red Elk, Karyn Sanders, Phyllis Light, and Matthew Wood to learn from.  Experience from a 18 year clinical practice and the development and marketing of an herbal product line adds to the benefits of this program.

We all start somewhere, with various teachers, before we go out on our own.  My practice over the years has given me the experience of seeing the path of dis-eases, how life can wear on one’s spirit, but most importantly how to help guide people to help themselves find balance back in their lives.  To restore…. repair their health….. their Spirit.

This apprenticeship teaches you how to identify the ‘herbs’, the ‘plants’.  How to use them, how to respect them, and how they incorporate themselves into your life, your body, safely.  You will learn how to make your own remedies from these plants, how to create formulas and learn of the systems of the body and how they interact with the herbs/plants.

But, utmost, how they can be incorporated into your own gardens and how you can grow your own medicine.  We can’t take without giving back first.

Do you want to take a plant journey into herbal medicine? Send over your address so we can send you a hard copy of the syllabus. It will give you more detail about the program with a registration form.  Or simply sign up if the plants have been talking to you!  Are they calling Your Name?


Apprenticeship II – 2018

Come join us for the 2018 Apprenticeship II program.  This year goes into more detail of the systems of the body. You will gain a deeper understanding of how they work and not necessarily their physiology, but their path of energy.  We will study the various ailments or dis-eases that can manifest in these different systems.

When you pay attention to symptoms or pathology, patterns will present themselves. This will show the practitioner what has been created and left behind in a body.  Spirit will help you to understand the person and what makes them out of balance to have left itself open for dis-ease.  See the Beauty in the person, it will show you the path of the imbalance.

We continue on with more plant properties or actions and their constituents.  Understanding these pathways takes you to creating formulas, or maybe only a single herb is needed.  This is where spirit and herbs come together.  Another way of observation of the health of the individual is obvious on the face, tongue, nails, hair and skin that confirms what the symptoms present.

There is much to study the second year. Each session will present a different system and its maladies.  We will still continue to be outside identifying the plants, harvesting if need be to make a remedy and sitting with them.  This year students will make and test out remedies on themselves and continue to work in their material medicas.

        2018 Class lineup