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It’s your body trying to communicate with you. You’re confused… a headache is a symptom of a specific system imbalance in your body. The location of your headache tells you what system needs attention.

A headache in the back of your neck, the top of your head, behind the eyes, and sides of the head are headaches associated with your liver. This is not an all over headache, its a headache in one of these areas.

If you are experiencing sinus congestion a headache in the eyes may be a sinus headache, also if the headache is right above the eyes. But when talking and asking questions concerning a headache behind the eyes, I may change my mind and see a liver headache instead.

If there isn’t any sinus congestion going on, a headache above the eyes is stomach and or small intestines. Look to the diet and your digestion. Sluggish digestion going on? Bloating?

A headache higher up on the forehead is a colon or large intestine headache also if the headache is at the base of the skull on the top of the neck. Is elimination slow, very slow, not daily? Are you seeing excess mucus in your stools? Drinking water?

Headaches that start at the right temple and come forward are gallbladder headaches, also if the headache is along the hairline. Headaches in both temples are gallbladder headaches as well. A left temple headache is more specific to deficient heat while a right side one is more excess heat.

A headache that is all over the head or behind the ears is a kidney headache. What has your water intake been lately. Urination weaker or slower? Cloudy, murky, odor, blood?

Always check your diet when headaches appear. Yes, stress too. Our nervous system out of check will produce varies issues in our physical body. But, diet is crucial. There are four things that our liver has a hard time with, caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, and sugar. Eliminating these from your diet or some of these for a period of time may change the headache. Definitely decrease fatty fried foods. Eat FRESH vegetables, fruits, and drink lots of water. Even eliminating dairy and especially processed foods are beneficial. Look for those MSG’s, excessive sodium and other preservatives that are used in our food industry. Never, never, I mean never use ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS. Poisons to the body. Our bodies did not come from a laboratory, so our food shouldn’t either.

I hope this may have answered a few questions as to why you are experiencing headaches. Remember women, liver headaches may be coming from your monthly cycle as well. Hormones headaches are common headaches in teens and menstruating women, these are liver headaches.

When I work with clients concerning headaches its usually a specific formula and or protocol I write up for them. That’s why you are not finding any remedies for headaches. Shoot me an email or give me a call. herbstoya@msn.com or 507-474-9970

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