2020 Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship I

Welcome to the Plants!! 

As seedlings,  your herbalism training, your adventure begins the 1st Saturday of April and continues through October.  Come be a part of an apprenticeship that keeps the herbal tradition alive!  Cyber herbalism may be okay with some, but my preference is being with the plants, "the real teachers"!

Let's get you going into your first year. Learning how to identify the "plants", the herbs. How to grow them, respect them, how to incorporate them into your life, your body, safely.  They are our elders, our teachers, they have much to show and tell you.  Its amazing how they just 'show up'!  Show up in your yard... when they are needed for something... or to teach you. Are you ready to show up, for them?

Besides getting to know the plants you will learn how to make medicine from those plants, learning what part of the plant to use and the best form of medicine from it.  "There are various forms of medicine?", you ask. Yes, there is, come and find out how many. This flows into formulating and creating 'herbal remedies'. Above all, you will learn the systems of the body and how the plants and the body work together to create balance. 

These teachings come from the plants. But, we also need teachers to guide us that speak the same language. I have been blessed to have been taught by some of the best herbalists in this country.  Karyn Sanders, Phyllis D Light, Sarah Holmes, Paul Red Elk, Rosemary Gladstar and Matthew Wood.  Plus many others from various conferences and workshops throughout the country. 

As a result, passing along the teachings I have received is only a part of this apprenticeship. Experiences through 19 years of my clinical practice along with developing and marketing an herbal product line brings more knowledge to you through this program. 

We all start somewhere, with various teachers, before we go out on our own. My practice over the years has given me the experience of seeing the path of dis-eases and how life effects one's spirit.  Mostly, the importance of being there to guide clients, hold them in their space, so they can see the direction to finding that balance back in their lives.  Actually that is 3rd year level.

Are you ready to step into the world of Herbalism.? Are the plants calling you?  Or should i say, Have they been calling you?

Get registered, we start April 4th!!  Download a curriculum and send in your registration.  Or you can pay on line and send in your registration letter separately. 

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Apprenticeship I Dates

April 4th  

May 2nd

June 6th  

July 11th

August 1st

September 5th

October 3rd

Class starts at 9am and goes to 4pm with an hour lunch

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Apprenticeship Continued

Apprenticeship II

The Herbal Apprenticeship for those whom have been drawn into the plant kingdom and now you've become a sponge thirsting for more plant wisdom/knowledge. 

For that reason, Year II dives deeper into the systems, gaining a deeper understanding of how they work.  Not just the physiology of the systems, deeper, what lies in-between the cells, your energy.  Also, you will study the various imbalances of the systems, the dis-eases that one creates or manifests in the body without permission.

Continuing on from Year I we will continue writing materia medicas, continue with plant formulas, constituents, plant actions/properties. Continuing with these components helps to understand formulations.  Or maybe only a single plant is called upon, where Spirit and plant come together.

Year II also goes into holistic diagnosis, via reading the face, tongue, hair, nails, skin and more.  We will still be outside often, doing our plant walks, harvesting for the system up for discussion. 

Are you ready to go deeper.  If you've taken my first year you're ready.  If you've studied with another herbalist and feel this second year is right for you, give me a call and we can see where you are at.

Apprenticeship III

This is the clinical year.  Students have gone through I and II of course.  They now are excited to continue on with the skills and knowledge gained to start their own practice.   

This year they meet and assess a client, write up protocol and make necessary remedies for the client.